Silvalicious was

founded in 2014

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I first had the idea just over seven years ago, when I kept coming across so many  Jewellery items in the very expensive high street Stores!

I thought to myself, why not start my own Online Business selling beautiful Jewellery online, but without the high overheads and therefore at better prices for my Customers!

So I slowly started to build up my range of Sterling Silver jewellery.

After a while  I discovered I wanted to take that further and I found a love for Hand Stamped Jewellery.. I absolutely love making Personalised Cuffs, Pendants and Rings to order!

This whetted my appetite to try other ways to make my own jewellery.  And that is how  I  discovered Pure Metal Clay!

Ohhh my life! Did I love creating with this magical stuff!

I loved that I could hand sketch a design on paper,  roll out my Pure Metal Clay,  and turn that design into an actual Solid Silver piece of Jewellery!! Absolutely amazing!

My life was complete!!! lol.

I loved turning out these gorgeous pieces, and getting to fire them with a blow torch only added to the fun!

And that is where my love of Pure Metal Clay began! It is my most favourite thing to do and you can see some of  my ready made pieces which are available to buy, in my Shop.

I also take custom orders for these beauties, so if you are interested or need any further information just pop me a message and we can chat about having a custom piece designed just for you!