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Pure Silver Clay Creations 



Here, we have a selection of the Pure Silver Clay Creations I have created. Some have been Custom orders, others have just been my own designs I have created.

These little beauties are made using Pure Silver Clay.

If you have never heard of Pure Silver Clay before, it is to look just like modelling clay, except that it is made with recyled silver particles and has a paper binder added.

The binder burns off during the Firing process and you are then left with 99.9% pure Silver!

I really do enjoy the whole process of making Pure Silver Clay Jewellery,  it is my most favourite thing to make and so much fun!

Firstly the clay is rolled out, then I cut the design out, add a texture if required, although this can also be done at a later time, once the piece has been fired.

The next stage is to let the piece completely dry, I like to just let it sit for a day or two until it has completely dried out. If you try to fire a piece before it is completely dry right through to the centre, bubbles will form and it will compromise the structure of  the piece and strength.

Next it is ready for sanding and getting a good finish on the piece  before it is ready for firing with my blow torch! This is my favourite and the most fun part!

It normally takes around 2 to 3 minutes to fire one piece and once that it is done, it is allowed to cool before getting ready for the next stage…. polishing!

I like to get my finish as clean and good  as I can before the piece is fired, so that once it has cooled, I can move on the wire brushing, buffing and polishing stage.

So. once it is cooled, I wire brush the piece and that is when the magic happens! The piece starts to go from looking like white clay to actual pure Silver!
Once I have finished wire brushing it, it is then time to give a good buff, sand and then a lastly, a really good polish until it gleams!

The final stage is to affix the findings, ie Ear wires or Jump Rings or Bails, depending on what I am making.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the Pure Metal Clay (PMC) process and if you pop over to my Facebook page, there are a couple of videos showing the process of firing etc.