About Us

About us:

Silvalicious was founded in early 2014. 

I first had the idea almost 7 years ago, when I kept coming across so many gorgeous items of Jewellery in the really expensive, huge Jewellery Shops and thought, why not start my own Business, selling the very same Jewellery online, but without the high overheads and therefore at better prices for our Customers!

I have discovered that there are so many lovely pieces of Jewellery out there and I  just want to be able to share them with you here!

I will be adding more lines of Jewellery over the coming weeks and months and hope that you will follow my journey as I build my Business to even greater heights!

I am here to bring you the very best customer service, quality and products, as well as help you with any questions or queries you may have.

I offer a gift sourcing service....... if you can't see an item you are looking for, just pop me an email or Facebook Message and I will see if I can find the product you are looking for.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have. You can email me at:  


or send me a message on my

 Facebook Page ~ @SilvaliciousCrosskeys

I hope you enjoy browsing my Website and thank you so much for visiting!



Our Philosophy!

Here at Silvalicious we are all about finding and supplying our Customers with items of gorgeousness! 

I want to offer my Customers a first class service and a place to come to buy gorgeous items of Jewellery at Gorgeous prices!

I  want to tantalize your senses with my beautiful Jewellery and make  you  want to keep coming back for more!